twenty minute and be healthy

Always go to the gym every day hours do not need to do now. For 20 minutes doing cardio in a day is good enough for our bodies, brilliant fitness expert reputation.

This theory has also been successfully used by many Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, and Helena Christiansen. They introduced a system of intense training, the less time you need, and be effective.

"For me, 20 minutes cardio sessions a day is sufficient for a healthy heart beat," says Helena Christiansen.

This theory is supported by a statement of the Supervisory Board on the exercise program fitness of American consumers in the short term "for those who want to recommend for fast results.

Even the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), also confirmed that after 20 minutes of high training load as much as 40-45 minutes of cardio at medium speed.

"But I always keep in mind, the less time the intensity of exercise should always difficult," said Steve Barrett, fitness expert and author of the trade secrets of a personal trainer.

Barrett added that, although brief, but systems like this sport should be considered as elements of progress. Sun Lazio is not static.

"Consistency is the key. Ideally, you should run five sessions per week for 20 minutes, or combine two or three times 20 minutes of resistance exercise with activities like walking, running or biking, "he said.