1. Blog is the result of my work, personal reflection, with readings and sources of inspiration from a variety of media, both print, electronic and web. Sometimes I can not really mention the source, from the time of writing not as soon as you get this information, which made me suffer from the pain experienced by all people: Oblivion. They remind me of my writing if there is no mention of sources.

2. You can publish all or some of my pens with or without the consent of origin include a link to the text.

Anchor text used should be clear, for example: In the paper Isnuansa take my website. O Sources: Isnuansa.Com. Do not just use the anchor text that is not obvious, such as the source.

3. Offering the comment section, where you can express your views, either agree, disagree, to say hello, or just write Pertamax and if possible I will try to answer all incoming this comment.

4. First I moderate comments to avoid spam reasons one of them. Now at last no more than moderate. However, comments that include links, more moderation. I would say that given the opportunity to write a link to your site in a variety of identities, so no need to add much more in the comments field. If there is, with a heavy heart was removed.

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