the advantage of medical plant Rumput Mutiara (Hedyotis corymbosa (L.] Lamk.)

Medical plant rumput mutiara grows scattered leafy, rather weak, 15-50 cm high, thrives in moist soil on the side of the road, the edge of the ditch, has many consequences. Side of the stem, leaves opposite cross, short-leaf amulet / almost sitting, leaves 2-5 cm long, pointed toes, bones, leaves one in the middle.this medical plant have leaf tip short hair. Flowers out of the armpit leaves, shaped like a white umbrella, in the form of 2-5 compound interest, the flower stalk (stem) hardware such as wire, length 5 10. Fruit-built, damaged ends leaf
Whole plant, fresh or dried.

USE of the medical plant rumput mutiara could be remedies disease:
- Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, mumps (mumps).
- Inflammation of the appendix (acute appendicitis).
- Hepatitis, cholecystitis.
- Pelvic inflammatory disease (pelvic inflammatory disease), infection
urinary tract.
- Ulcer (Carbuncle), ulcers,
- Cancer: Lymphosarcoma, Ca stomach, Ca cervix, breast cancer,
rectum, fibrosarcoma, and Ca nasopharynx.

15-60 grams, boiled. Already made tablet, granule, and injecting drugs.

EXTERNAL USE of this medical plant:
- Bruising, pyodermi, snake bites, scalded, broken bones, sprains:
Mash the fresh herbs, to be affixed in place of the sick.

- Scalded: fresh herbs to taste boiled, for washing.

the practical TO USE of the medical plant as sample:
1. Appendicitis (acute simple appendicitis) and local peritonitis
60 g boiled herbs, divided to 2-3 X drink, as long as 6-8 days.
In severe cases, should be with the other mixture.

2. Obstruction of the vas deferens (Epididymic stasis):
30 grams of this herb is boiled, drinking for 3-4 weeks, on a case-
cases of scrotal pain due to clumps of sperm after
channel binding of the epididymis.

3. cancer:
30-60 grams of boiled, drinking. Added on treatment
conventional / anti-neoplastic drugs, either jointly or
given alternate.

Medical plant rumput mutiara also have EFFECTS distorted:
Some patients experience dry mouth after use for 10 days. Injections of high doses cause a decrease in white blood cells are mild, and returned to normal after 3-5 days the drug is stopped. Some cases of chronic asthmatic bronchitis causes nervousness.

the advantage of medical plant Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L.)

medical plant Rambutan widely planted as fruits, sometimes grow up wild. These tropical plants require a humid climate with not less than 2000 mm. Rambutan is a lowland plant, at an altitude of 300-600 metres above sea level. Trees with a height of 15-25 m has many branches. Located alternative connections are pinnate leaves, the leaflets 2-4 pairs. Leaflets oblong rounded Blade length of 7.5 to 20 cm, width from 3.5 to 8, 5 cm, tip of the base and tapering, flat edge, feathery cylindrical stems, green often desiccate. Flowers are arranged in bundles at the end of branches, fragrant, small, light-green color. Male flowers and female flowers grow separately in one tree. Fruit rounded oblong, 4-5 cm in length with a curved stick to rigid spines, limping.this medical plant have Green fruit colour, yellow, or red when ripe. The thick walls of the fruit. Elliptical seeds, wrapped in transparent white flesh, which can be eat.

PART USED of the medical plant are
Plant part used is the skin of the fruit, bark, leaves, seeds, and roots.

Skin of the fruit used to treat:
a fever.

Bark is used to overcome:

The leaves are used to overcome:
discolor hair.

The roots are used to overcome:
a fever.

Seeds are used to overcome:
diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

composition of the medical plant rambutan are:
Fruits contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. Fruit skins contain tannins and saponins. Seeds contain fat and polyphenols. The leaves contain tannins and saponins. Bark contains tannins, saponins, flavonoids, pectic substances, and iron.
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the advantage of medical plant Putri Malu (Mimosa pudica Linn.)

Medical plant putri malu Growing up in the street, terrain, rapidly proliferating, growing to sleep on the ground, sometimes upright. Stem round, hairy and prickly. Compound leaves made up of small, oval shape with a pointed end, the color green (no red color). When the leaf is touched will close (sensitive plant). Flowers round like a ball, the color pink, stemmed

PART THE APPLICABLE of the medical plant:
Leaves, roots, whole plants, fresh or dried.

USE of this medical plant to remedies:
1. Difficulty sleeping (insomnia).
2. Inflammation of the respiratory tract (bronchitis).
3. High heat in children.
4. Herpes (inflammation of the skin due to a virus).
5. Worms (ascariasis).
6. Rheumatik.

tips of USAGE: 15 - 60 grams, boiled.

Wounds, skin inflammation (piodermi), herpes; Plant fresh crushed, pinned in place of the sick.

CASE IN POINT CONSUMPTION of the medical plant putri malu:
1. insomnia:
a. Leaves of mimosa pudica 30-60 gr., Boiled. Drinking.
b. - Mimosa pudica (the shock) 15 gr.
- Vemonia cinerea (mustard sky) 15 gr.
- Oxalis repens (calincing) 30 gr., All boiled.

2. Chronic bronchitis:
a. Minosa pudica root 60 gr. and water 600 cc., boiled with fire
small to 200 cc, divided 2 times drinks. 10 days is 1 kuur.
b. - Mimosa pudica 30 gr.
- Roots peristrophe roxburghiana 10 gr., Both boiled, divided
into 2 doses / day.

3. Cough with phlegm many: Root's daughter embarrassed 10-15 gr., Boiled.
4. Ascariasis: Mimosa pudica 15-30 gr., Boiled.

5. rheumatik:
15 g Mimosa pudica root marinated in white wine for 500 cc
Two weeks.

CONTRAINDICATIONS of the medical plant(NOT USED): Pregnant women.

the advantage of medical plant Pulutan(Urena lobata Linn.)

Fibrous plant species of the tribe-kapasan cotton,this medical plant grown in tropical climates, including in Indonesia. Grows wild in the yard, farm, vacant land and place plenty of sunshine to as Herbaceous plants with upright stems and branched stem That hard, so hard to be broken and the whole plant is covered with fine hair, height can reach 1 m. Leaf single, Grooved menjari 3.5 or 7, grow alternate, 3-8 cm long, 1-6 cm wide, scalloped edges, the upper green leaf color, green bottom, rounded leaf base, pointed tip. Purple flowers, leaves out of the armpit. Round fruit, pieces of ± 5 mm, Such as hair brushes, bear 5, each room contains a seed.that are a little explanation about medical plant pulutan
Roots, or whole plants, the use of fresh or dried.

Root of the medical plant pulutan used to remedies:
- Heat influenza, inflammation of the tonsils (Tonsillitis), malaria.
- Rheumatic joints.
- Whitish, cloudy urine.
- Dysentery, diarrhea, digestive disturbances (indigestion).
- Swelling (edema), vomiting blood (hematemesis), difficulty
birth (parturition).
- Mumps (goitre).
- Ulcer, bleeding wounds, broken bones (frakture), breast
swelling (mastitis), snake bites.

30-60 g of fresh roots or 15-30 g of dried root boiled, drinking.

The whole plant fresh crushed, paste into a sore spot.

HOW TO USE this medical plant:
1. Influenza: 24 gr of roots boiled, drinking.
2. Dysentery, diarrhea, rheumatic: 30 - 60 g of dried root boiled, drinking.
3. Whitish, cloudy urine: 30-60 g fresh root boiled, drinking.

4. Swelling due to nephritis:
30-60 g of fresh roots plus enough water, boiled until boiling, taken 2 times a day.

5. Ulceration bleeding, ulcers pulutan flower attached.

some time we don't know the use of plant in around of us whereas it could be medical plant who can make our life better.

the advantage of medical plant Pule Pandak (Rauvolfia serpentine)

Medical plant Pule Pandak usually located in that lot of the home being a decorative shrub, though additionally on farms, forests, teak, and other areas to until it reaches an altitude of 1000 m dpl. Bushes place,it is approaching 1 m reached, gummy, that establish cylindrical, branching brown-gray, produced a precise dissolved once harmed. Particular leaf, short-stemmed, being seated looking at rugged and intersected, spurs and oblong figure elongated, pointed guideline, bottom part skinny, washboard sides,this medical plant have bone leaves pinnate, amount of time 30-20 Ern, distance 2-9 cm, upper spot efficient, lesser spot tone smaller. Inflorescence mix, a powerful umbrella figure which will shows up right out of the close belonging to the establish, top blooming tone is without a doubt green. That crops in flagstone crops,efficient once vine ripened vibrant black colored tone, even sizeable plants roots.medical plant pule pandak have Dehydrated underlying cause labeled as Rauwolfia Serpentina.

ELEMENT APPLIED of this medical plant:
Roots, stems, and leaves. Prior to use the roots are washed and cut into small pieces and dried for storage.

INDICATIONS of the remedies:
Roots efficacious for:
- High blood pressure (hypertension),
- Headaches and a sense of spinning (vertigo) in hypertension,
- Sore throat, backache,
- Abdominal pain in dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting,
- Heat that settled, hot on malaria, influenza,
- Inflammation of the gallbladder, acute hepatitis,
- Seizures in epilepsy (epilepsy),
- Difficulty sleeping (insomnia), garngguan soul (mania),
- Lack of appetite, relieve symptoms due to hiperfungsi
thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) such as palpitations, high blood pressure,
irritability (irritable), sympathetic nerve hyperactivity, boils, scabies
(Scabies), biduran (urticaria), and
- Snake bites, scorpion and injuries caused by hit or bumped

Stems and leaves of the medical plant efficacious for:
- Influenza, sore throat, malaria,
- High blood pressure,
- Diarrhea, vomiting due to wind,
- Hernia, and
- Boils, bruises.

HOW TO USE of the medical plant:
Roots, leaves, or stems as much as 25-50 g of boiling water, then drink. For external use, the materials are finely ground and then ditempeikan to where the sick or boiled water for washing the skin of scabies.

1. High blood pressure
The root bark Pandak as much as 50 g boiled in 3 cups of water until
the remaining 1 cup. After the cold filtered. Drink morning and evening,
each 1 / 2 cup.

2. Lumbago
The root bark Pandak as much as 50 g soaked in 1 cup wine
for 1 night. The next day drink as well, after

3. Sore throat
The root bark Pandak sufficiently after washed and thinly sliced
thin. The material is then sucked sucked in the mouth.

4. Headache, insomnia, dizziness, fever, inflammation of the gallbladder,
bruised, bitten by venomous snakes, lack of appetite, and abdominal pain.
Use the root bark Pandak 10 - 15 g boiled with 3
water glass until remaining 1 glass. After chilling filtered and drunk
2 times, morning and afternoon, each 1 / 2 cup.

5. Abdominal pain
The root bark Pandak and areca sufficiently chewed, the water is swallowed
and the waste is disposed.

6. Fever, vomiting
Pandak dried root bark as much as 15 g and then cut into small pieces
knead in 1 cup cooking water. The water is drunk at once.

7. Influenza
Pule Pandak fresh leaves as much as 25 g of washed and boiled with
3 water glass until remaining 1 glass. After chilling filtered, drinks
at once.

8. Snake bites, bruises
Pule Pandak fresh leaves washed and finely ground. Dab
in place of the sick, and then bandaged. Replace two meals a day.

9. Bleeding wounds
Pule Pandak fresh young leaves washed and milled sufficiently
smoother. Dab the wound and bandaged.

10. Diarrhea
Pandak fresh root bark as much as 2 g of thinly sliced. Add
1 / 4 teaspoon salt, stirring evenly. The root is then
chewed and swallowed water.

unwanted SIDE EFFECTS of the medical plant:
Rare serious side effects. Emphasis central cause symptoms of headache, nightmares, fatigue, and sleeping rough. On the heart and blood vessels cause symptoms of slowed heart rate, nasal congestion, and sometimes heart failure (rare). In the digestive system causing dry mouth, stomach and intestinal contractions increased, frequent bowel movements, or diarrhea.

NOTE of this medical plant:
- Pule Pandak increase acid secretion so that it can
cause stomach bleeding.
- Patients with gastric diseases and conditions of weak entities do not
drinking boiled Pandak pule.