the advantage of medical plant Rumput Mutiara (Hedyotis corymbosa (L.] Lamk.)

Medical plant rumput mutiara grows scattered leafy, rather weak, 15-50 cm high, thrives in moist soil on the side of the road, the edge of the ditch, has many consequences. Side of the stem, leaves opposite cross, short-leaf amulet / almost sitting, leaves 2-5 cm long, pointed toes, bones, leaves one in the middle.this medical plant have leaf tip short hair. Flowers out of the armpit leaves, shaped like a white umbrella, in the form of 2-5 compound interest, the flower stalk (stem) hardware such as wire, length 5 10. Fruit-built, damaged ends leaf
Whole plant, fresh or dried.

USE of the medical plant rumput mutiara could be remedies disease:
- Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, mumps (mumps).
- Inflammation of the appendix (acute appendicitis).
- Hepatitis, cholecystitis.
- Pelvic inflammatory disease (pelvic inflammatory disease), infection
urinary tract.
- Ulcer (Carbuncle), ulcers,
- Cancer: Lymphosarcoma, Ca stomach, Ca cervix, breast cancer,
rectum, fibrosarcoma, and Ca nasopharynx.

15-60 grams, boiled. Already made tablet, granule, and injecting drugs.

EXTERNAL USE of this medical plant:
- Bruising, pyodermi, snake bites, scalded, broken bones, sprains:
Mash the fresh herbs, to be affixed in place of the sick.

- Scalded: fresh herbs to taste boiled, for washing.

the practical TO USE of the medical plant as sample:
1. Appendicitis (acute simple appendicitis) and local peritonitis
60 g boiled herbs, divided to 2-3 X drink, as long as 6-8 days.
In severe cases, should be with the other mixture.

2. Obstruction of the vas deferens (Epididymic stasis):
30 grams of this herb is boiled, drinking for 3-4 weeks, on a case-
cases of scrotal pain due to clumps of sperm after
channel binding of the epididymis.

3. cancer:
30-60 grams of boiled, drinking. Added on treatment
conventional / anti-neoplastic drugs, either jointly or
given alternate.

Medical plant rumput mutiara also have EFFECTS distorted:
Some patients experience dry mouth after use for 10 days. Injections of high doses cause a decrease in white blood cells are mild, and returned to normal after 3-5 days the drug is stopped. Some cases of chronic asthmatic bronchitis causes nervousness.