the advantage of medical plant Saga (Abrus precatorius, Linn.)

Medical plant of saga could be remedies disease
1. tonsil
Ingredients: Saga root to taste, 1 piece of cinnamon and sugar cubes
to taste.
How to Make: all ingredients are boiled with 5 cups water
to boil down to half of it.
How to use: filtered and drunk two times a day 1 cup and
morning, afternoon.

2. Sore eyes
Ingredients: 1 handful of leaves Saga
How to Make: Saga leaves finely ground, then boiled with
2 cups of water to be picked up steam.
How to use: water vapor sage leaves are used for drug
eye drops.

3. sprue
Ingredients: Saga leaves to taste;
How to Make: fresh sage leaves are plucked dried several
minutes to wilt slightly.
How to use: chewed until smooth while for
Medical plant saga have composition
Leaves and roots of plants abrus pracatorius include protein, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, Calcium Oxalate, glisirizin, flisirizinat, polygalacturomic acid and pentosan.