the advantage of medical plant Putri Malu (Mimosa pudica Linn.)

Medical plant putri malu Growing up in the street, terrain, rapidly proliferating, growing to sleep on the ground, sometimes upright. Stem round, hairy and prickly. Compound leaves made up of small, oval shape with a pointed end, the color green (no red color). When the leaf is touched will close (sensitive plant). Flowers round like a ball, the color pink, stemmed

PART THE APPLICABLE of the medical plant:
Leaves, roots, whole plants, fresh or dried.

USE of this medical plant to remedies:
1. Difficulty sleeping (insomnia).
2. Inflammation of the respiratory tract (bronchitis).
3. High heat in children.
4. Herpes (inflammation of the skin due to a virus).
5. Worms (ascariasis).
6. Rheumatik.

tips of USAGE: 15 - 60 grams, boiled.

Wounds, skin inflammation (piodermi), herpes; Plant fresh crushed, pinned in place of the sick.

CASE IN POINT CONSUMPTION of the medical plant putri malu:
1. insomnia:
a. Leaves of mimosa pudica 30-60 gr., Boiled. Drinking.
b. - Mimosa pudica (the shock) 15 gr.
- Vemonia cinerea (mustard sky) 15 gr.
- Oxalis repens (calincing) 30 gr., All boiled.

2. Chronic bronchitis:
a. Minosa pudica root 60 gr. and water 600 cc., boiled with fire
small to 200 cc, divided 2 times drinks. 10 days is 1 kuur.
b. - Mimosa pudica 30 gr.
- Roots peristrophe roxburghiana 10 gr., Both boiled, divided
into 2 doses / day.

3. Cough with phlegm many: Root's daughter embarrassed 10-15 gr., Boiled.
4. Ascariasis: Mimosa pudica 15-30 gr., Boiled.

5. rheumatik:
15 g Mimosa pudica root marinated in white wine for 500 cc
Two weeks.

CONTRAINDICATIONS of the medical plant(NOT USED): Pregnant women.