Aloe Vera health benefits

Aloe vera or "Aloe Barbadensis" is a medical plant which originated in North Africa and spread to the fertile lands with mild climate. Egyptians would mix aloe with other herbs while preparing remedies for internal and external anomalies. The most oftenly used substance from this herb is the aloe gel, a thick viscid liquid found in the interior of the leaves. All the active substances enumerated before contribute to the therapeutical value of the herb. Aloe vera nourishes and supports the digesting of aliments. Cutting across the human organism, aloe vera manages to bring the human body to a general balanced state.

Aloe vera has proved its efficiency from the simplest allergies to the treatment of wounds and skin infections and even to its usage in alleviating more serious afflictions. With the help of this herb a wide variety of internal and external afflictions are controlled, like: asthma, virosis, arthritis, arthrosis, gingivitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, intestinal inflamations, constipations, obesity, sprains, muscle strains, cutaneous inflamations