Burdock health benefits (Arctium lappa Fam. Compositae)

Names popular of the medical plant more than burdock are edible burdock, or lappa Burdock.

Leaves placed in the wound, infection, inflammation, adenopathy, etc.

Also put his head against the piercing. When skin is hot to the fire, green leaves are placed on the skin.

Roots soaked in brandy consumed on the domestic conditions. The chemical composition of burdock

Pharmaceutical stocks as medical plant are:

It helps the healing process. Can be used for the following medical conditions: acne, blisters, mouth disease, urinary tract disease, liver disease, lung disease, stomach disorders, allergies, hair loss, loss of appetite, intestinal distension, acute bronchitis or chronic gallstones, cancer, cellulitis, high cholesterol, intestinal cramping, fermentation colitis, constipation, aesthetic problems, diabetes, diarrhea, dermatitis, headaches, eczema, microbial, dry eczema, eliminate toxins from the body, epilepsy, erythema multiforme, skin infections, sore throat, fever , furunkulosis, flu, gout, hemorrhoids, herpes, high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, acute and chronic ulcers, respiratory failure, insect bites, vaginal discharge, itching, dandruff, fungal infections, nephritis, obesity, pemphigus, colds, rheumatism, wounds, skin tumor seborrheic, peptic ulcers, ulcerated skin, rashes, and other conditions.don't forget to consul to the doctor if feel seek continue .this medical plant just alternative medic to keep healty life