Benefits of Buckthorn herb

this medical plant Known since the 14th century, especially given as a laxative buckthorn or laxatives. It is also good and choleretic cholagogus. Laxative action that occurred within 10 hours from time of administration to stimulate the mobility of the colon.

Sea buckthorn plant acute and chronic constipation can be treated by administering powdered sea buckthorn (1-3 g in 24 hours) or worm tea before bed. Dose may be repeated in the morning on an empty stomach, if problems persist. The amount used depends on the degree of constipation, but should always be low at the beginning of treatment.

Buckthorn medical plant is also recommended in cases of liver failure along with other herbs such as dandelion. It is used to treat liver disease, especially for the treatment of constipation caused by gall enough.

In the case of obesity, management of dust every morning hawthorn can create excellent results.

Buckthorn skin can increase the secretion of bile. It is advisable to combine with chicory or dandelion to increase its impact.

Other conditions that can be treated with sea buckthorn are: Giardia, rheumatism, headache followed by constipation, allergies and hepatitis. It can also be used for intestinal parasites.

Crusin used as compresses, buckthorn helps in the treatment of skin diseases associated with constipation (acne, eczema, allergies, psoriasis, infections).planting this medical plant around the house is good