Treatments of Castor Oil plant

castor oil one of the medicinal plant which have many benefit. This course of action that benefited the integument, both the epidermis and the level of Derm.

Castor oil-effective way to cure warts. It should be massaged for 10-15 minutes, the castor oil. This treatment is followed by two times a day, every day until the warts begin to disappear.

Of mucous membrane irritation and red eye, apply 1-2 drops of castor oil in each eye.

In the case of hemorrhoids, the oil of anointing oil from the anus to the distance, or taking over 1-1/2 teaspoons recommended. The same oil medicine good for bruises, wounds, skin ulcers or rashes different.

An oil-kissed skin distance is indicated for use to anoint the affected areas. In the case of bronchitis and colds, chest massage, using a mixture of 2 tablespoons of castor oil and turpentine. In the patient's chest is rubbed with it, then pulled a woolen scarf and then use cotton blouse.

Castor oil has the effect of stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. castor oil as medicinal plant also helps in some cases, hair loss and strengthen the roots. The roots of the hair oil massage by distance. Apply at night before bedtime. The second day, the hair and scalp is washed properly. The treatment was conducted three times per week to achieve the desired results. To use reguilar was applied twice a month.

To soften calluses and thick skin, feet should be rubbed three times a week with a distance of oil, wear cotton socks and went like the night.

Castor oil is also recommended drug moles and pigmentation of the liver. The areas are rubbed away several times with the oil at night and morning. Effects seen after a month.

For nails peel or break easily with a remote oil treatment is recommended. On the eve of the oil is applied to nails and rub over an hour. The treatment should last 2 months.use medicinal plant more safe and natural because there is no chemical contains.