Common Hazel (Corylus avellana Fam Betulaceae) health benefits

nuts on a stick, pure coals, used to burn the corn on the soles of the feet.

For the sweet swollen eczema, ringworm and use the juice that comes out the end of the green when placed over an open fire or make soup of bark and leaves.

The children were anointed with hazel and snuffs the candle burn, mixed with fat, which grew long and dark eyebrows.

Chemical composition: fruits contain oils, starches, sugars, beta-carotene, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fat, protein, zinc, selenium, sulfur, etc. The bark and leaves contain tannin, fine oil, quercetin. Fruit contains about 70% of fat and almost 20% of nitrate materials. Pharmaceutical action: hazel leaf infusion was cleaning the blood. Flower pollen has been used successfully in epilepsy. Make bark decoction is used externally on the treatment of varicose ulcers and skin diseases, and even muscle.