Brooklime health benefits (Veronica beccabunga Fam. Scrophulariaceae)

the benefit of medical plant brooklime by mixed Traditional: green leaf is placed over the wound , and if too large, which is ground and used for bandages. Whole plants were placed on a burn.

Many times the plants are boiled, the creator of the broth used to bathe and go to the band, especially for inflammation. Once heated in the heat of the fire and put it back, fighting the pain.

Ground and mixed with vinegar or water, bandages used for headaches, or those who fall ill with paralysis or shock.

People who suffer from very washed with decoct.

Tea flower stalks that are consumed urinary problems hydropsia and purify the blood.

Air plant, mixed with horseradish roots, leaves and honey ribwort to prepare the syrup is consumed for emphysema.