Danewort health benefits (Sambucus ebulus Fam. Caprifoliaceae)

medical plant Danewort containg cramps and more concentrated decoct against nematodes. The root or leaves used to make soup ascites.

Or the roots boiled peanuts until reduced to a quarter of the original cost and three small glasses a day drunk, or beans are cooked with In folk medicine, danewort is one of the most important crops. Decoct the roots are kept in the mouth for a toothache.

For colds and rheumatism, general or local bath is taken with the poached decoct water heater, compared poured into the tub. In people suffering from a cold wash Ialomita or "steamed" until he / she began to sweat excessively. During steaming, the leaves danewort put a sheet of paper, patients were placed on top and covered with a thick blanket. Patients will fall into a deep sleep, excessive sweating, and then come back and health awareness.

Make a decoction is used to wash the inflammation, rheumatism, sprains, infected wounds and use the rest, apply bandages. Boil the roots danewort combined blackwort, motherwort and burdock root, flowers are then placed wheat, black pepper, oil and wheat bran in them, and the resulting mixture is used for poultices to go back and back pain.

The roots Danewort as medical plant are mixed with brandy is a remedy for constipation, with washing, significantly dangerous.

Tea leaves are given in Vrancea, for children of500 g of sugar until the butter or returned, but put into a clean pan. Another 500 g of beans were placed in 500 ML of wine or a good brandy and leave in a warm place for several days. Patients will take one teaspoon of butter and a glass of brandy mixed nuts.

Tea leaves or danewort decoct in water or wine mixed with other plants, used against leakage.

A group of plants placed in the affected breast danewort pulmonary tuberculosis.