Apples is good for healthy

medical plant as a food Due to the moderate acidity helps the digestive system, causing reflex by strong growth in saliva and gastric secretion.

Apples are eaten with the skin slightly laxative, absorbing toxins and microorganisms from the gut.

Apple without the skin is an important treatment for children with acute and chronic diarrhea.

Diuretic action is clear, but more important is the elimination of uric acid.

They also have good action on high blood pressure, along with their cholesterol-lowering properties makes Apple a good recommendation to atherosclerosis.

Apples are also good on the diet for obesity.

Doctors also found a favorable outcome in the treatment of diabetic children with eating apples and tomatoes.

A nervous system has a calming, it is known fact that apples be eaten before bed to help and facilitate sleep


Traditional medicine is recommended to cover the fruit boiling hot ear pain.


Apple juice helps to strengthen the network. You can use the juice on the cheeks and breast massage for relaxation effects.