Health Benefits of Celandine

Celandine is one of medicinal plant which contains alkaloids such as celandine, celandine Homo, oxy-celandine, methoxy celandine, bloodroot, coptisine, protopine, alocryptopine as a percentage of about 0.2 to 0.5% depending on crop and yield. It also contains small amounts baberine and sparteine, vitamin C (primarily pine), resins, essential oils and mineral salts. Homo celandine celandine and act the same way as morphine, sedatives and narcotics in roughness centers of excellence. At the same time, they also have stimulating effect on breathing slightly. It is also responsible for anti-spastic action triggered by celandine potions. Sanguinarine of celandine has a stimulating effect on the medullary centers, and even antitumor effects of this kind while cheleritrine colchinic have a property to reduce blood pressure and stimulate bowel contractions and uterine peristalting .

Regardless of the nature described celandine extracts have antibiotic effects of pathogens on many exceptional. Other actions: soothing, anti-septic and anti-seizure medication.I think back to nature in remedies with use medicinal plant are better.