Benefits of Elder plant

medical plant elder is one of alternative Old is a potent antiviral drug, stimulates the healing of degenerative diseases, cancer prevention, control of tumor type. For the diet for 30 days is recommended tincture of the fruit of age. elder plant helps activate the immune system.

Staff also helps to destroy parasites. The flowers, fruit and juice extracted from fruits can relieve neuralgia. It is also useful in cases of rheumatism, respiratory diseases or sciatica. The bark is recommended for nephritis and edema. Old flower tea helps detoxify the body, the drug recommended for colds, flu and bronchitis.

Elder can be used as a natural remedy for obesity, because of its laxative properties and remove water from the network. It is used in cases of stone attack. Eliminates toxins from the body through urine and perspiration, increased activity of the secretion of sweat glands dropsy and even intervention directly. Higher magnification of mammary gland secretion of women to breastfeed.

Mayor tea is used for boils, abscesses, eczema, extrications, burns, swelling and hives. As a compress to help treat eczema, conjunctivitis, eyelid, has diluted the role of reduced inflammation and infection.