Asparagus Treatments

Characteristics of asparagus as medical plants

Plants containing phosphate and vitamin B given remineralizing and encouraging. In addition, scarce nutrients: iron, zinc, manganese, chromium, calcium, sodium, potassium, giving laxatives and cleansing properties and making the liver and kidneys peniris.


Besides the excellent quality of vegetables, asparagus is also used in natural medicine. It is used to control certain abdominal disorders, cleanse the liver, lungs and intestines of waste and toxins. Regardless of the cleaning effect, the plants also have measures to protect the arteries. Eat regularly, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and cleanse the blood.

In the case of physical or mental fatigue, anemia and recovery, eat asparagus consumed in their raw state.

Asparagus also for cardiovascular drugs erythrism, eating raw asparagus is recommended. Eradication of this plant stimulates the reduction of glycosuria and increased diuresis, why it is recommended for diabetics.

Studs are the property of removing toxins from the digestive trap. The core of the studs are used, the exterior is cleaned first.

The roots of asparagus, cooked in vinegar, is used in medicine paradontosis. Asparagus tea is used for its diuretic action.