Benefits of Dandelion plant

Dandelion as medical plant is rever to prevent the development of kidney stoneFrom the standpoint of pharmaceutical, herbal has many features: cholagogus, choleretic, alkalizing venotónico laxatives and diuretics tough. The root contains bitter compounds - taraxacin - pectins, and sterols, vitamins B1, C and D, inulin, tannins and reshines. In a large number of plant fibers, dandelion prevent unwanted sugar assimilation and facilitates removal of impurities. Potassium content is responsible for the actions of diuretics. Dandelion also contains substances that are important for drug metabolism cure.

The items in the dandelion stimulates activity in the stomach and liver and bile, leading to high urine output and help the body to eliminate through the urine, toxic products of metabolism. Dandelion can be used successfully in hypoacid gastritis, dyspes. Diuretic effect also helps prevent kidney stones. These channels cause diuresis, dandelion eliminates toxins and indirectly help treat eczema and other skin diseases.
soo many benefit from dandelion as medical plant.

Because vitamin A and C, dandelion is also known as an anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.