recognize migraine in minutes

Who wants to hurt? Of course, everyone wants to stay healthy. But as the wheel of life, sometimes above and sometimes below. Now that the human being and a healthy one day, when they are sick. A disease that often migraine.

Upon the occurrence of migraine, the better to soothe. There are some things to know about migraine in 10 minutes. Expected from the knowledge of a migraine sufferer who has to do with migraine:

1 minute:

Did you know that you can trigger a migraine as hormonal factors. For example, if a woman is menstruating, use the time to release eggs (ovulation), oral contraceptives (drunk), and if anyone knows of a hormone replacement therapy.

The second minute:

Other causes are foods or dietary factors, such as alcohol, the contents of MSG (monosodium glutamate) in the diet of meat, nitrates, aspartame, chocolate, cheese, has the stale, do not include breakfast.

Third minute:

Psychological factors play a role as a trigger of migraine such as stress, conditions that can be completely suppressed, psychological stress, after a holiday or weekend, scared, anxious, depressed.

Minute 4:

The physical environment plays an important role as triggers of migraines, for example: light, light so bright, visual stimulation, such as lightning, the sound of thunder, something that can fluorescence (fluorescent lamps), the odors, changes over time or climate, altitude, shampoos, shower, hair wash.

5 minutes:

Sleep hygiene also play a role in triggering migraines, such as lack of sleep, excessive sleep, lack of sleep the right position, and so on.

Minute 6:

The drugs can also trigger a migraine factors, such as nitroglycerin, histamine, reserpine, hydralazine, ranitidine, estrogens.

Minute 7:

Several other factors also lead to the onset of migraine, such as head trauma (collisions, accidents on the head), physical activity, fatigue, remained to the end, too much overtime, a model or a lifestyle that is less balanced.

Minute 8:

Have realistic expectations and dreams. So if what we are after is not reached, then we're not too disappointed.

Minute 9:

ATM for physicians. We must be patient when the migraine and follow the instructions or advice of a doctor. If not treated, a doctor the same alias, "Doctor shopping" not to change doctors.

Minute 10:

Last but not least, are too often not to prosecute. Because he alone knows what is best for his people. It could be the disease of migraine, in that we are able to raise their hands of the Creator are concerned. There is always wisdom behind the disease.

Of course, the above tips would be helpful if they are not always enforced.
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