Benefits of Clubmoss plant

Clubmosses recommended medical plant for those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis, even in cases where the disease is the abnormal joint. Clubmosses tea is recommended in the treatment of chronic constipation and hemorrhoids. Also used to reduce pain in the urinary and genital organs. Clubmosses tea prevents the formation of kidney stones and renal colic.

Hepatitis and liver tumors of connective tissue, clubmosss indispensable. Liver cirrhosis or liver cancer can be treated with the help of clubmosses tea. Because it contains a radio, clubmosss used to relieve muscle cramps. For this purpose, pillow can be filled with this plant.

This plant can also be used occasionally as a diuretic, and the spores clubmosses used for skin irritations. If 4-5 drops of dye added to water intended for washing hair, hair stronger and less brittle.

Clubmosses clubmosses dye is also used in detoxification of alcohol, or to avoid smoking. For this treatment can last between a week and 3 months. This trace can also be used for pain caused by muscle spasms and hypertension. Compress is applied to the back and held for several hours at night.


Clubmosses tea is made of a teaspoon of clubmosses add a pint of boiled water. It is left as such for a short time. A cup a day is consumed slowly in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.

Clubmosses decoct is obtained from a mixture of equal amounts of clubmosses, pansies, dandelions, birch, hip parsley, and bean pods. A mixture of 200 ML consumed 3-4 times per day, between meals, sweetened with honey.

Clubmosses pillows made such as: a small pillow made, filled with 2 handfuls of fresh clubmosses, and applied to the wound.

Sitz bath is prepared as follows: a container of 4-5 liters of hot water, 4 clubmosses keep being added, then left to Peter, then heated and added to bath water
that is benefit medical plant clubmoss