Natural treatments Artichoke

A native of Carthage and the Mediterranean medical plant, artichoke is cultivated since ancient times for its exquisite quality. In this day of vegetables and herbs used in all regions of the planet. The artichoke is a plant, 2 meters of highly branched biennial culture.

Artichoke leaf herbal use.

Preparation of artichoke (powder tea, syrup) is treated with exceptional quality in the case of diseases of the blood circulation, heart and kidneys.

artichoke artichoke powder made from dried leaves, are administered to patients within 2-4 grams of the number of days, at different stages and recommendation is to stay under the tongue for a few minutes and then swallowed with water.

Speech synthesis, artichoke preparation can be used for the treatment of cardio-vascular, liver, kidney disorders, eczema, diabetes, gout, hemorrhoids, and for regeneration of liver cells.

Natural treatments and application methods:

Artichoke juice:

A small glass of artichoke juice is recommended to drink before breakfast and lunch. It is indicated for the treatment of constipation and for those with a dramatic increase in body weight. It is a drying treatment in cases of constipation, but without attacking the liver.
Artichoke tea:

Infusion is made with a spoonful of artichoke leaves scalded in 500 ML of water. Tea should be left for 15-20 minutes IV. Antique tea cups should be drunk in the morning with empty stomach. This last cup to drink in two stages, ie, a cup and a half before breakfast and before dinner. This treatment must be made within 21-30 days of healing 30 days of rest.
Artichoke tincture:

It is made of 20 grams of mashed artichoke leaves macerated in 100 ML of wine at 70 degrees for 15 days. 5-15 drops should be taken 3 times a day. Dye should be diluted with water or tea every time that you take.