psychosomatic disorders feel sick but it was a problem the soul

In the field of mental health, psychosomatic disorders actually included in the somatoform disorders. This disorder is due to the presence of recurring physical ailments, which are accompanied by requests for a medical examination, even if performed repeatedly and the results are normal. At least then there is no physical ailments, the disease is variable and can not explain the patient's symptoms. Obviously psikomatik disorders are physical disorders caused by psychological problems.

These symptoms usually have nothing to do with the conflict and the psychological development of patients, but patients generally reject the idea of ​​a link between the disease with a life problem or conflict. Even if detected signs of depression or anxiety in patients, patients are still denied the report.

These disorders are often produced in patients with anxiety disorders and panic disorder. The symptoms complained of palpitations very common in patients with panic disorder. In addition, often have difficulty breathing. This condition is also of concern because if the patients studied, there has never been an anomaly in the patient's organs.

What to do?

Patients or families of patients who undergo this may soon see a psychiatrist. An explanation of how stress affects the mechanical functions of the body, patients in understanding today in support of psychosomatic disorders.

Although clinical examination and investigations are not requests for patients with these conditions, a disorder of the central nervous system, particularly in the autonomic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal location (HPA axis). This condition has been studied by scientists from the United States and even overall health.

Treatment approaches of psychotherapy and medication use with the appropriate dose and at some point will help the patient cope with the situation and, finally, the disorder Psikosomatiknya can continue to function correctly.