Bilberry Bush (Vaccinium myrtillus) benefits

Blueberry bushes one of medical plant is an excellent shrub branches to a height of 10-15 cm. Parts used in herbal medicine: the leaves and fruit.

Pharmacological Action: hypoglycemic, diuretic and urinary tract disinfectant, anti-diarrhea, anti-hemorrhagic.

Blueberry bushes are shrubs that grow in nature and development efforts are made to feature to note is that it takes the form of large estates for profitability reasons.

The active ingredient, namely myrtilline, also known as vegetable insulin, blood glucose decreased. To improve the efficiency of tea, bilberry leaves may be associated with pods and leaves of the mulberry tree. Our recommendation is to drink tea without sugar or saccharine sweet.

Cranberry treatment of diabetes is not possible without the medical plant!

Structure considering the characteristics of the composition of blueberry anti-infectives. Conditions recommended for the treatment system enteritis, cystitis, and blood circulation. They are anti-diabetic and have an effect on visual acuity.

The contents of tannins provide a rigorous movement and deposition of proteins in cells of the digestive tract mucosa, but rushed proteins of pathogenic flora, reducing the movement of toxic and irritating.