the advantage medical plant Kembang Kertas(Zinnia elegans Jacq.)

Medical plant kembang kertas is native plant Mexico, and can be found to a height of 1400 m above sea level. This plant likes open space is exposed to sunlight, usually planted in clusters in the park or in gardens as ornamental plants or flowers are used as cut flowers. Herbaceous plants that grow upright and rugged chronic hair is about 30-50 cm long, green leaves, lying face to face. Leaf blade elongated shape, pointed tip, base embrace the stem, flat edge, curved bone leaves. Aster flower shapes like flowers, with a variety of colors like red, blue, pink, yellow or purple that comes out of the rod tip. Propagation of the medical plant by seed.

PART USED of this medical plant is Whole plant

- Dysentery.
- Gonorrhea
- Boils (furunculosis)
- Pain in the nipple (papilla mammae)

USAGE of medical plant kembang kertas:
To drink: 10 - 30 grams, boiled.
Foreign Use: Moderation finely ground affixed gets sick.