the benefit of Kapasan(Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic.)

Medical plant Kapasan found growing wild in the open space land is abandoned or a bush or planted in the garden. Kapasan can be found at an altitude of 1-650 m above sea level. Bush, short-lived, grow upright, height 0.5 to 2.5 m. Round rods, generally woody base, slightly branched, covered with coarse hair. Single leaf, long-stemmed. Notched leaves, or shared five very deep, jagged edge, pointed tip, heart-shaped base, pertulangan menjari, both surface rough-haired, long 6-22 cm, 5-20 cm wide, green. Single flower, bell-shaped, large, out of the armpit leaves, petals 5 pieces, 3.5 to 10 cm long, yellow. Fruit box, oval, ribbed five, pointed, 5-8 cm long, hair like a brush, will open with 5 valves

PART USED of this medical plant
The main part used is root. In addition, seeds, leaves, and flowers are also efficacious as a medicine. Leaves and roots are used as fresh material.

INDICATIONS a treatable disease
The root is used for treatment:
- High fever,
- Cough,
- Difficult bowel movements (constipation), and
- Urinary tract stones.

Seeds are used to treat:
- Headache.

HOW TO USE of this medical plant
For drugs taken, boiled 10-15 g of fresh roots, and drink boiled water.
For external use, wash the fresh leaves, then milled until smooth. Dab the mixture on boils, sores, or on a broken bone (fracture), then wrapped with a cloth bandage. Alternatively, soak the flowers in coconut oil, and rub on burns or wounds caused scalded.