the advantage medical plant Padi (Oryza, sativa L)

Medical plant padi be planted in fields, to an altitude of 1,200 m asl. these trunked shrub wet season, height 50 cm - 1.5 m. Stems erect, soft, segmented, hollow, rough, green color. Single ribbon-shaped leaves of 15-30 cm, width up to 2 Ern, palpability rough, sharp edge, flat edge, , green.-shaped flowers. The fruit of stone fruit, decomposes on stalks, green color, after parents became yellow. Seeds hard, oval, white or red. Grains of rice that has been separated from the stalk called grains, and which has been discarded outer skin called the rice. When rice is cooked, later renamed the rice, which is the main food for most Indonesian people. Generally, white rice, although there is brown rice. 9 grains of rice straw after knocking unhulled rice and dried until dry, called a straw. Relatives include rice grass medical plant

Membranes seeds, seeds, fruit stalks, and. Membrane was dried in the sun until dry beans.

USE this medical plant:
Seed membrane (Gu yes) efficacious to overcome:
- Stomach and spleen is weak,
- No appetite, indigestion, feeling of fullness in the chest and

- Hands and numbness.

Fruit stalks (straw) efficacious to overcome:
- Dirty hair, and
- Miscarriage.

Seeds (rice) efficacious to overcome:
- Fever,
- Diarrhea,
- Mumps,
- Rheumatic,
- Inflammation of the breast, skin inflammation, and
- Ulcers.

Roots of the medical plant efficacious to overcome:
- Excessive sweating, spontaneous sweating, and
- Filariasis.