the advantage medical plant Kucing Kucingan(Acalypha indica L.)

Medical plant kucing kucingan including Familia euphorbiaceae. are a very common weed found growing wild in the streets, grass, and on the slopes. Herbaceous annuals, erect, 30-50 cm, branched with coarse elongated lines, smooth-haired. Single leaf, long-stemmed, spreading lies. Leaves oval to lanceolate, the tip of a thin, tapered, and the base, serrated edge, 2.5 to 8 cm, 1.5 to 3.5 cm, green. Compound interest, out of the armpit leaves, small, in a series of shaped grains. Fruit square, round, black. Seeds oval, brown. Root riding,

PART USED of this medical plant
All parts of this plant can be used as a drug. in the form of fresh or dried.

This herb is used for treatment:
- Bacillary dysentery, amoebic dysentery, diarrhea,
- Children with low weight (malnutrition),
- Digestive disorders (dispepsi),
- Bleeding, such as nosebleeds (epistaxis), vomiting blood (hematemesis), blood stools (melena), blood urine (hematur-he),
- Malaria, and
- Difficult bowel movements (constipation).

composition of this medical plant:
Leaves, stems, and roots contain saponins and tannins. The trunk also contains flavonoids and its leaves contain essential oils.