the advantage medical plant Patikan Kerbau(Euphorbia hirta, Linn.)

medical plant patikan kerbau or (Euphorbia hirta) is a wild plant found in the tropics. Make sure the plants in Indonesia can be found among the buffalo grass road, river, garden or yard of land that is not negligible. Make sure the buffalo is usually live together with patikan Cina Verify (Euphorbia Prostrata, Ait) at an altitude of 1-1400 feet above sea level. Plants Make sure the buffalo to survive for 1 year and reproduce through seeds. Make sure the water buffalo has a dominant color brown and gummy. Many plant have branches with smaller diameter.medical plant leaf patikan kerbau have elongated shape with rounded spurs. Locations of leaves with each other face to face. Medium flowers appear in axillary leaves.

Curable Disease of the medical plant:

sore throat,
blood urine,
inflammation of the mammary gland,
swelling of the breasts;