the advantage medical plant Ki Tolod(lsotoma longiflora Presi.)

Medical Plants of the West Indies it grows wild in the water channels or rivers, paddy fields, surrounding fences and other places are moist and open. Ki tolod can be found from the lowlands to 1,100 m asl. Herba upright, reaching 60 cm in plant height, branching from the base, white gummy that tastes sharp and contain toxins. Single leaf, sitting, lancet shape, rough surface, the tip pointed, base narrowed, curved edges inward, until the curved toothed pinnate. Leaves 5-17 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, green color. The flowers are erect, single, out of the armpit leaves, long-stemmed, white star-shaped crown. The fruit of the medical plant is bell-shaped boxes of fruit,

PART USED: Leaves, flowers or whole plants.

Leaves of:
- Toothache.
- Asma, bronchitis,
- Drug cuts. interest:
- Eye drops.

Entire plant of the medical plant ki tolod:
- Cancer drug.

To drink: 3 pieces of leaf, boiled.
External use of the medical plant: Leaves washed and crushed, put in place the sick.