the advantage of Jamur Kayu (Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss.ex Fr.) Karst.)

Medical plant jamur kayu or(Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss.ex Fr.) Karst.)for the botanical name grow on decaying wood, grows wild and sometimes cultivated. Agency long-stemmed fruit that grows straight up, his hat from the body attached to the stalk, get up a half circle and grows horizontally. Fruiting body shows circles which is the period of growth, wavy or curved edges, the upper side with the folds radier, purplish-red color of brown, polished like lacquer. Several years with each time to form a layer of new himenofora.

Curable Disease of this medical plant:
Difficulty sleeping (insomnia),
dizziness, bronchitis,
heart disease,
abdominal pain,

EFFECTS pharmacological medical plant jamur kayu:
It feels a little bitter sweet,
warm, non-toxic.
Strengthen and increase endurance,
prevent heart disease,
an aphrodisiac,
increased appetite (stomakik),
tranquilizers (sedatives,
cough medicine (antitussive and eliminates congested (anti-asthma)
CHEMICAL CONTENT:. Ergosterol, coumarin, fungal lysozyme, acid protease, water-soluble proteins, amino acids, and polypeptidase saccharida, as well as some types of minerals such as sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), zinc (Zn), copper (Co) and manganese (Mn).