the advantage medical plant Mamang Besar(Cleome spinosa L.)

This medical plant can be found growing wild or planted in the yard for the element to fill the gap at the edge of the park, sometimes cultivated as cut flowers. Native of tropical America, found growing in the lowlands to 1400 m asl, in open places exposed to the sun and the temperature is moderate .. Herbaceous annual, growing erect, 60-160 cm high, often branched, bare or does not meet haired, loud-smelling. Stemmed leaves, alternate locations. Leaves 3-5 compound leaves without leaflets. Child leaves the location to sit, lancet shapes, sharp edges, the edge of the flat bones pinnate leaves, the color green.

PART THE APPLICABLE of this medical plant: the whole plant

- Rheumatism
- Injury hit (bruising)

USAGE of this medical plant:
External use only: The entire plant is sufficiently washed, and then finely ground to be used in place of the sick, if necessary bandaged. The entire plant may also washed and boiled. Warm boiled water used to soak the sick body.