the advantage of Jarak Bali(Jatropha podagrica Hook.

This medical plant can be found as an ornamental plant, grown in the yard or recreation areas perhaps why this is call plant jarak bali. Origin, from tropical America. Erect shrub, 0.5 to 1.5 m high, gummy white, single or branched stems slightly, with an enlarged base of the trunk and swollen like a bulb. Stemmed leaf is 20-30 cm, leaf blade wake shield, oval shape with a cross-sectional area the size of 20-40 cm, branch 3 or 5, pointed or rounded. Interest rate long-stemmed panicles, with female flowers and male flowers in a stalk color, red-orange. Fruit elliptical form widened, a length of 1.5 cm. Seeds oval or elliptical.
PART USED: Whole plant

USE of medical plant jarak bali:
- Fever
- Swelling hit
- Bitten rattlesnake

To drink: 10-15 g boiled. The waste is used to paste on the sore spot.
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