the advantage medical plant .Landep(Barleria prionitis L)

Description: These medical plants originated from tropical Asia and South Africa. In Indonesia are found in areas with dry climates, growing wild or planted to fence from the lowlands to 400 m asl. Bushes, height 1.5 to 2 m. Woody stems, rectangular, hairy, strong spikes contained in the armpit-armpit leaves. The leaves. single, young leaves hairy, where the line of sight, petiole 4-8 mm long .. Leaf blade elliptic to oblong or ovoid elongated, tapered tip, base narrowed tapered along the shaft, flat edge slightly wavy, 2-18 cm long, 2 to 6.5 cm wide, bones pinnate, green color. Flowers single, symmetrical two-sided, in the armpit leaves, crown five, elongated elliptical shape, the color yellow. Fruit box, oval, flattened, the tip rather pointed, hard, split in two, the color green. Seeds oval, flat, shiny , brown color.

PART USED of the medical plant landep: Leaves and roots.

The leaves are useful for the treatment of:
- Rheumatism, lumbago,
- Fever,
- Abdominal pain, abdominal edema water,
- Urinating less smoothly, scabies, sore gums, and
- semen (spermatorea).

The root is useful to treat disease:
- Worms.

usage of the medical plant:
To drink: see examples of usage. For. external use, to taste finely ground fresh leaves for the treatment of rheumatism, back pain, phlegm, headache, and toothache. Roots to cure fevers, wounds, ringworm. Juice of the roots for drops in ear inflammation.