the benefit of medical plant Kapulaga

Medical plant kapulaga have the botanical name (Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton,) explaination:
Plant shrubs, annual grasses, about 1.5 meters high. Pseudo-trunked, rounded, forming seedling color, green. Single leaf, spreading, oblong shapes, sharp edges, flat edge, length of 25-35 cm, 10-12 cm, pertulangan pinnate, green. Compound interest, a hump at the base of the stem, crown form a tube, about 12.5 mm, white or yellowish white. Fruit square, round, curved, white color

Curable Disease of this medical plant by research:
Typical properties of bitter, warm, and clean the blood. Efficacy expectorant and carminative. RESEARCH Datten Wake up, Semin Tarigan, Nazaruddin Umar, et al. Section of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine and Department pharmacy USU, USU Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Has conducted research rhizome Cardamom infusion of analgesic effect in mice. From the results of these studies was 10% with the infusion dose of 10 ml / kg, has demonstrated analgesic effect. The greater the proportion, the greater the extension of reaction time (PWR).

people in indonesia use kapulaga medical plant for treat some disease.
1. The smell of herbs.
2. Breath / mouth odor.
3. Abdominal bloating.
4. Sore throat.
5. Hoarseness.