the advantage medical plant Pohon Merah (Euphorbia puicherrima Willd. Et Klotzsch)

Ornamental medical plants can be found from high 1-1400 m above sea level, but to get the bright leaf color is more suitable if planted at an altitude of about 600 m dpi. Erect shrub, 1.5 to 4 m, woody, branched, gummy like milk. Single leaf, stemmed, lies scattered, elongated oval with an elliptical shape, often with the greatest curvature 2-4, end of the base and tapering, pinnate pertulangan, May 7 to 1 cm, 2.5 to 6 cm, the bottom of the smooth-haired, stems young leaves red, after a dark green. Saucer-shaped flowers in the arrangement of a typical compound called cyathium, forked tip. Each cyathium dealing with protective leaves are large, rectangular shape, the color red, sometimes yellow. Cyathium height of 1 cm, green with red Taju and large glands, on the side of the orange-yellow belly. Stalks of red orange juice. Fruit box, 1.5 cm long, light green, dark brown after.medical plant (Euphorbia puicherrima Willd. Et Klotzsch) have Seeds round,

Curable Disease:
Inflammation of the skin, broken bones,
swollen hit,
the external wound;
smooth feeding and menstruation;.

EFFECTS pharmacological of this medical plant: Bitter, Sepat, cool, slightly toxic. Stimulating vomiting, launched expenditure milk (galaktagog). CHEMISTRY CONTENT: Leaf: Alkaloids, saponins, fat, amylodextrin. Trunk: Saponin, sulfur, fat, amylodextrin, formic acid