the benefit of Kaktus Pakis Giwang(Euphorbia milii Ch.des Moulins)

Medical plant pakis giwang for the indonesia name or Euphorbia milii Ch.des Moulins)in the name of botanical generaly Grow, reaching 1 m, usually as an ornamental plant in gardens, containing sap. Brown sticks, barbed rough. Single leaf with rounded edges is a more oval shape from the bottom, edge color, flat green. Stemmed flowers, and there is no single compound (called siatium Typical), a variety of colors, there 0ranye, yellow, dice and so on.

CHEMICALAND EFFECTS pharmacological: Feels bitter, astringent, neutral, slightly poisonous (toxic).
a treatable disease from this medical plant
Interest to stop the bleeding.
(Hemostatic) stems
leaves as an anti-swelling
clan anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammasi).