the advantage medical plant Mahoni

Medical plant mahoni can be found growing wild in the forests of teak and other places close to the beach, or planted as a shade tree on the roadside. Native plants from the West Indies, can develop when grown in brackish sand close to shore. Trees, an annual, 5-25 m, riding roots, stems round, much branched wood and resin. Leaves even-pinnate compound leaves, leaf blades oval shape, the end of the base and tapering, flat edge, bone pinnate, 3-15 cm. Young leaves are red, after a dark green. The flowers are arranged in a bouquet of flowers compound leaf out of the armpit. mother flower stalk cylindrical, light brown color.

PART THE APPLICABLE of this medical plant:
Seeds, dried and finely ground into powder.

USE to over come disease:
- High blood pressure (hypertension).
- Diabetes (diabetes mellitus).
- Lack of appetite,
- Rheumatism.
- Fever.
- Sign the wind.
- Eczema.

USAGE of the medical plant mahoni:
To drink: 1 / 2 teaspoon finely ground seeds into powder.