the benefit of Kapas(Gossypium herbaceum L.)

Medical plant kapas, Shrub with a height of 2-3 m is trunked upright, rounded, woody, green and dirty. Single leaf, long-stemmed, 6-10 cm. Strand shield-shaped leaves,the color green. Single flower at the end of branching and leaf axillary, rounded crown, the color changed to yellow and red before withering. Fruit box, oval, pointed tip, 5-6 cm, green when young and old blackish brown. Seeds round, black,this medical plant covered with white hair.
Curable Disease according research:
The root or root bark cotton (mian hua gene) sweet, warm nature. Nutritious and tonic on the stomach, spleen, and vital energy, antitussive, antiasmatik, stimulate uterine contractions, speeding up the birth of a baby, abortivum, reduce menstrual blood discharge, facilitate blood clotting, and stimulates the release of breast milk (ASI). Seed cotton (mian zi hua) feels hot, hot in nature. Tonic for the liver and kidneys, strengthen your spine and knees, stop the bleeding (hemostatis), uterine contractions, suppress sperm production, reliever fever (antipyretic), anti-inflammatory, and skin softener. In addition,this medical plant have antibacterial and antiviral effects. Based on this research, since 1970 the oil from cottonseed is a contraceptive in men. This is based on the discovery in China that the oil from cottonseed is used for cooking will cause infertility (infertility) in men. The active substance is gosipol. Cottonseed oil causes the degeneration of cells that produce sperm. Male mice fed cottonseed emulsion of 10% or greater lead to infertility if mixed with female mice. Male mice fed the emulsion, at first seemed lethargic and his appetite decreased (Agus Purnomo, Department of Pharmacy, UNHAS Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 1984). The results of oral administration of powder suspensions seed cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in mice showed microscopically visible histological effects on the testes of experimental animals (Mientje Susie Baman, Department of Pharmacy, UNHAS Mathematics and Natural Sciences, 1986). The results of acetic acid gosipol isolation results that have not been purified from the seeds of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) every day for one week at a group of male rats showed efficacy antifertilitas from kapas medical plant