the advantage medical plant Lidah Ular(Hedyotis corymbosa )

medical plant lidah ular for the local name, the description plant :
upright or leaning, one year (annual), often branched from the base of the stem
on the outer surface near the tip of the bulge of small pointy petals remaining. The corners of the nut. Flowering time from January to December. In Java grows in areas with an altitude of 100-800 m above sea level, get to the area with an altitude of 1425 m above sea level, in an open area receives lots of sunlight, not too wet, rocky areas, on sidewalks, courtyards, trench , parks, medical plant lidah ular as locally abundant.

Used medical plant in the treatment of peptic ulcers, dysentery, exhausted maternity, pencernaari disorders, medications down the heat.

CHEMICAL CONTENT All parts of plant: iridoid compounds, among others asperulosid, skandosidmetilester, benzoilskandosidinetilester;?-Sitosterol, ursolat acid, oleanolat acid, n-benzoyl-1-fenilalanil fenilalaninol-1-acetate. A study has managed to find two kinds of flavonol class of flavonoids from this medical plant; one of these compounds having the hydroxy group on atom C-3, C-5 and C-4.