the advantage of Kembang Bokor(Cydrangea macrophylla [Thunb.] Seringe)

Medical plant kembang bokor from Japan. Commonly planted as an ornamental plant in the yard or in the park. This upright shrub chronic, strong-trunked, green when young, and has a height of 0.5 to 1 m. Single leaf, stemmed, located opposite the cross. Leaf blade width and thickness, the shape is oval, the base and pointed tip, serrated edge, bones, leaves pinnate, dark green surface color, and yellowish green bottom. Inflorescence compound out of the end of the shaft, a spherical shape with a diameter can reach 20 cm, white, pink, and will be blue.

Curable Disease of this medical plant:
Flower bowl taste bitter and slightly spicy, its cool, slightly toxic. Efficacious as an anti-inflammatory and antimalarial.
Part of plant used as medicinal herbs and roots are. Can be used fresh or dried.

medical plant kembang bokor is used to overcome:
- Malaria, fever,
- Nervous (anxiety),
- Sore throat.