the advantage medical plant Kunyit(Curcuma longa Linn.)

Turmeric (Curcuma domestic) including one of the spices and medicinal plants, native habitat of this plant covers an area of ??Asia, especially Southeast Asia. These plants then the distribution to the Indo-Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and even Africa. Almost everyone Indonesia and India and the Asian nations generally been consuming this spice plants, either as a complementary herb spices to cook, or to maintain health and beauty.

Curable Disease of the medical plant:
Diabetes mellitus,
leucorrhoea Hospital,
irregular menstruation,
abdominal pain during menstruation,
breastfeeding Streamlining; tonsils, mucous stools, Morbili, (Waterproken);

CHEMISTRY CONTENT medical plant kunyit: Turmeric contains medicinal compounds, called curcuminoid consisting of curcumin, desmetoksikumin and bisdesmetoksikurkumin and other benefits of substances Substance Ingredients: Curcumin: R1 = R2 = OCH3 10% Demetoksikurkumin: R1 = OCH3, R2 = H 1 - 5% Bisdemetoksikurkumin: R1 = R2 = H asiri remaining oil / volatile oil (sesquiterpene ketones, turmeron, tumeon 60%, 25% Zingiberen, felandren, sabinen, borneol and sineil) Fat 1 -3%, 3% Carbohydrate, Protein 30% , Starch 8%, 45-55% Vitamin C, mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, and calcium) remaining