the advantage medical plant Ketepeng Cina(Cassia alata, Linn.)

Medical plant Ketepeng china or(Cassia alata)for the botanical name is a type of large shrubs and many grew wild in damp places. Now the plant is often kept as perindang page / building. Ketepeng China or often referred to as buffalo ketepeng have large leaf size with an oval shape which is located vis-à-vis one another and break through the branches of leaves (finned flat). Ketepeng china flower has a crown on the lower end of the yellow and brown bunches on young shoots. The fruit is a winged pods flat and black.medical plant Ketepeng China growing at low altitude 1400 meters above sea level.

Curable Disease medical plant ketepeng cina:
-Tinea versicolor,

EFFECTS pharmacological:
relieve itching
cure the skin disorder caused by a parasitic skin.

CHEMISTRY CONTENT of this medical plant: Rein-emodina aloe vera, aloe-vera-diantron emodina curb, curb, tongue emodina, krisofanat acid, (dihidroksimetilanthraquinone), tannins.