the advantage medical plant Manggis (Garcinia mangostana L.)

Medical plant manggis, evergreen, height 60-20 m. Trunk straight, the main trunk of clear, brown skin, has a yellow sap. Single leaf, leaves opposite or crossing the opposite seat, strands; surface shiny, dark green upper surface of the lower surface light green, elongated elliptical shape, 12-23 x 4.5 to 10 cm long, stem 1.5 to 2 cm. 1-3 female flowers at the end of the rod, fork composition, diameter 5-6 cm. Petals sepals, two petals outside green leaves yellow, the two smaller, red-eyed, very curved, blunt. Crown composed of four petals, inverted egg shape, thick fleshy, green, yellow, red or almost red edge all. Sterile stamens (staminodia) usually in rolls (group). 4-8 will bear fruit, the stigma of radius 4-6. Fruit round depression, 3.5 to 7 cm, dark purple, with the stigma of sitting (fixed), petals remain, fruit wall thick, fleshy, purple, with yellow sap. 1-3, enveloped by a membrane that TEB seed of, unknown origin medical plant

EFFECTS OF BIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY manggis peel stew have antidiarrheal effects. Young medical plant manggis fruit has a spermicidal effect and speriniostatik. Extracts (n-hexane and ethanol) mangosteen has a certain level of toxicity in the use of test methods Schrimp Brine Test (BST). From the results of studies reported that Mangostin (1,3,6-trihydroxy-7-methoxy-2 ,8-bis (3metil-2-butenyl)-9H-Xanten-9-on) isolation from the bark of fruit has anti-inflammatory activity and antioxidants. From the results of pharmacological and biochemical studies it is known that Mangostin competitively inhibit not only histamine H receptors, mediators of muscle contraction but also epiramin software that builds the H1 receptor,soft muscle cells intact. medical plant manggis is a new type of histamine. Toxicity Giving young leaf extract of pregnant rats with doses of 500, 1000 mg, 1500 / kg, indicating an effect on the fetal form of weight loss, bleeding in the fetus, and fetal liver tissue changes such as liver cell necrosis, but there is an abnormality occurs development and abortion. Leaf extract of mangosteen with various doses can reduce the number of spermatids cells, increasing the number of abnormal spermatozoa, and spermatozoa slow forward motion


The fruit of the medical plant is used to treat diarrhea, inflammation of the tonsils, vaginal discharge, dysentery, hemorrhoids, ulcers; in addition be used as a laxative phlegm, and also for toothache. Rind is used to treat thrush, dysentery, sore muscles, constipation. Bark used to treat abdominal pain. Roots to cope with irregular menstruation. In terms of flavor, the medical plant fruit has good potential to be made of fruit juice.