the advantage medical plant Portulaka (Portulaca grandiflora Hook.)

Medical plant Portulaka comes from Brazil. Typically, planted as an ornamental plant in the yard or in the park. This plant requires full sun to grow lush and colorful flowers. Portulaka can be found from the lowlands to an altitude of 1400 m above sea level. Trunked Herbaceous plant that grows in the rainy season or up to the top backs, 15-30 cm long, often branched from the base, the color ruasnya smooth-haired, and red or green. Single leaf, where the scattered, not stemmed, at the end of the rod tightly full, to the base of the leaf is more rare. Thick fleshy leaves, watery, needle shape, a round cylindrical, blunt tip, 1 to 3.5 cm long, green color. Flowers gathered in groups of 2-8 at the end of the stalk, bloom at eight o'clock in the morning and wilt late in the afternoon, medical plant portulaka have the color red, dice, white, orange, or yellow. Fruit ovoid shape, surface-haired,

Parts of plants used as medicine are all in the form of fresh herbs.

Herb used to treat:
sore throat, headache,
liver inflammation (hepatitis), and
swelling due to collide (bruises).

HOW TO USE medical plant
Boil the whole herb (15-30 g) and drink when cool. Can also be blended fresh herbs, then drink.

For external use, wash your fresh herbs to taste, then milled until smooth. Glue on the sick, such as insect bites, boils, sores, or bruising, and dressing. Juice of fresh herb grinder can also be used for washing and compress eczema, burns, or scalded.