the advantage medical plant Mangkokan(Nothopanax scutellarium Merr.)

This medical plant is often grown as an ornamental plant or hedge, although it can be found growing wild in fields and river banks. Mangkokan here rarely or never flower, love the outdoors exposed to sunlight or less protected, and can grow at an altitude of 100-200 m DP1. Annual shrub, growing upright, height 1-3 m. Stem woody, branched, round, long, and straight. Single leaf, stemmed, somewhat thick, curved round shape such as bowl, base heart-shaped, serrated edge, diameter 6-12 cm, bones pinnate, dark green color. Compound interest, an umbrella shape, the color green. The fruit is a fruit buni, flat, green. Seeds small, hard, and brown

PART USED of this medical plant: Root and leaves.
Roots and leaves mangkokan efficacious to overcome:
- Inflammation of the breast,
- Swelling and launch expenses milk,
- Hair loss,
- Difficulty urinating,
- Body odor, and
- Wound.

HOW TO USE this medical plant:
Take a leaf and then boiled and drunk to taste.
For external use, the old leaves finely milled, and used locally.