the benefit of medical plant Gambir(Uncaria gambir (Hunter.) Roxb.)

Medical plant gambir for the local name and (Uncaria gambir (Hunter.) Roxb.)is a botanical name,it have some of the benefit for remedies
Description: Shrubs, 1-3 cm high. Stem upright, rounded, branching simpodial color, pale brown. Single leaf, opposite, oval, serrated edges, base rounded, tapered tip, 8-13 cm, 4-7 cm wide, green color. Compound interest, a bell shape, in the armpit leaves, approximately 5 cm, crown-shaped oval, the color purple, oval-shaped fruit, about 1.5 cm, the color black. Parts Used from medical plant Dried leaves Sari (gambir)

microbiological tests performed gambir leaves and twigs extracts against some bacterial causes of diarrhea in vitro. From these results, it turns the leaves and twigs Gambier extract can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause Department of Biological Science Unair

disease can be treated by gambir medical plant
1. Dysentery.
2. Diarrhoea.
3. Burns (topical).
4. Wounds (topical).
5.Sariawan mouth (gargle).
6. Hoarseness (mouthwash).