the advantage medical plant Pegagan(Centella asiatica, (Linn), Urb.)

Medical plant pegagan is Terna wild, there are all over Indonesia, from tropical Asia. Prefers a rather moist soil and are getting enough sun or shade, such as in pastures, ditch banks, rice fields, and so on. Sometimes planted as ground cover in plantations or as a vegetable crop , there is to a height of 2,500 m above sea level. Gotu kola is a chronic terna without the rod, but with short rhizomes and creeping stolon-stolon length 10 cm - 80 cm, root tubers out of each, much branched forming new plants. Single leaf blade, long-stemmed around 5 cm - 15 cm-shaped kidney. serrated edge, with a cross-section 1 cm - 7 cm arranged in a rosette consisting of 20-10 leaves, sometimes a little hairy. The flowers are white or pink, arranged in a bouquet umbrella, single or 3-5 together out of the axillary leaf

PART USED: Whole plant.

USE of the medical plant pegagan could be remedies:
1.Infectious hepatitis, measles (measles).
2.fever, inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis), sore throat, bronchitis.
3.infection and urinary system stones.
4.poisoning Gelsemium elegans, arsenic.
5.vomiting of blood, coughing blood, nosebleeds. eyes, hemorrhoids.
7. stomach disease, intestinal worms, increase appetite.