the benefit of medical plant Jarong(Achyranthes aspera Linn)

Medical plant jarong in the name local(indonesia)or (Achyranthes aspera Linn)in the name botanical have some benefit for remedies
explanation plant:
upright, high reach 1 m. Stem quadrangular, green or slightly pink, highly branched, single leaf, sitting opposite each other, stemmed, green color, elongated oval shape breech until the ellipse. Leaf length from 1.5 to 10 cm, both surfaces hairy leaves. Dull or faded leaf tip, leaf base narrow, flat or slightly wavy edges, pinnate leaves bones. Flowers grow in the end of the shaft / between branching-shaped bunches (such as rice straw), green flowers,this medical plant have seeds round hard and sharp
EFFECTS pharmacological:
Taste a little bitter, cool. Launched the blood (blood stimulant), laxative menstruation, strengthen the liver and kidneys, strengthen muscles, tendons and bones, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin, peluruh urine, normalizing menstruation, hemostatic, ease childbirth.
CHEMISTRY CONTENT of this medical plant:
Akirantin, glokosa, galactose, reilosa, ramnosa, alkaloids. Seeds: Hentriakontan, sapogenin. Roots: betaine, ecdysterone, triterpenoid saponins.