the advantage medical plant Kunci Pepet(Kaemferia rotunda L.)

Medical plant kunci pepet or white turmeric is often called "the white saffron" or "Curcuma alba", as the Latin name wrong. Because the leaves are beautifully patterned and growth is not high then the figure resembles an ornamental plant that is often planted in the garden or in pots.kunci Pepet can also be found growing wild in several places in the eastern part of Java to a height of less than 750 m above sea level. Besides being used as a mixture of traditional herbal medicine, the medical plant kunci pepet also often used for traditional cosmetics. There are two stages of growth kunci pepet. The first is called the vegetative phase, growth is normal as usual with artificial leaves and stems. Second, the generative phase. In this phase, which looks just the interest alone

Curable Disease: Rhizome bitter, cool. Efficacious anti-inflammatory, laxative fart (carminative), and accelerate wound healing.
Rhizome contains essential oils pale yellow, slightly smelly, containing borneol, sineol, methyl khavikol, and saponin