the advantage of Kembang Bugang(Clerodentrum calamitosum L.)

Medical plant kembang bugang In Java, there are from the lowlands to 750 m asl., Especially in areas with long dry season and in shaded places. This plant can be found around the village, in gardens, forest edges and roads, sometimes planted in the yard around the house as an ornamental or medicinal plants. Shrub, growing upright, 0.5 to 1 m high, rooted shoots riding with creeping roots under the ground, the young short-haired and meetings. Stem woody, branched, about 1 cm in diameter, greenish-white color. Single leaf, stemmed, lies opposite, oval shape, jagged edge, tip and tapered base, 4-9 cm long, 1.5 to 4 cm wide, pinnate pertulangan, the color green. The flowers are gathered in a panicle of compound interest that came out of the armpit leaves, with five white petals that bercangap to the hilt. Benangsari and pistil stalk rising out of the crown. The fruit of stone fruit, flat round shape shiny black, about 1 cm in diameter, with petals dark red shiny fruit.medical plant kembang bugang have Seeds hard, small, color black

USE of medical plant:
- Dysentery.
- Fever.
- Hemorrhoids.
- Urine is not fluent, gonorrhea. Urinary calcium stone types
oxalate and triple phosphate.
- Syphilis (Lues).

roots of the medical plant kembang bugang could be treat:
- Bitten snake.

fruit of the medical plant kembang bugang could be treat:
- Dysentery.